Tuesday, 29 July 2008


The battle is on against the seagull. But lets have a little pro-seagullism...

Gull, informally seagull, Laridae family, genus Larus.

ground nesting carnivores, which will take live food or scavenge opportunistically. Gulls are resourceful and highly intelligent birds, demonstrating complex methods of communication and a highly developed social structure; for example, many gull colonies display mobbing behaviour, attacking and harassing would-be predators and other intruders. In addition species such as the Herring gull exhibit tool-use behaviour. Stealing the corvid crown of the feathered ape? Many species of gull have learned to coexist successfully with humans and have thrived in human habitats. Often relying on cleptoparasitism, i.e. stealing food from another animal that has already caught and killed the prey. The current greatest threat to seagulls is the loss of coastal habitat. Most seagulls nest in coastal areas and are losing more and more nesting grounds each year to human development. Surely a little seagull rage is justified...

Some excitingly named gulls: Belcher's Gull, Larus belcheri, Olrog's Gull, Larus atlanticus, Sooty Gull, Larus hemprichii, Kelp Gull, Larus dominicanus, Heuglin's Gull, Larus heuglini, Caspian Gull, Larus cachinnans, Hartlaub's Gull, Larus hartlaubii, Silver Gull, Larus novaehollandiae, Boneparte's Gull, Larus philadelphia, Relict Gull, Larus relictus, Lava Gull, Larus fuliginosus, Laughing Gull, Larus atricilla, Franklin's Gull, Larus pipixcan.

Recent seagull related reports include:

  • An elderly welshman suffering a fatal heart attack after being swooped on by seagulls.
  • An English woman was rushed to the hospital with deep beak wounds to her head.
  • A preschool in Scotland had to harness hawk-force to safeguard its children.
  • London postmen refused to deliver mail to a usually quiet street following attacks by what one resident described as a "slightly psycho herring gull."
  • And then there was Sam the Aberdonian shoplifting seagull, (below....)

(seagull management;

The seagull manager flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything then flies off again leaving a big mess behind)

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